6 Tips For Detangling Natural Hair.

Detangling natural hair is a tedious yet important task. The way you detangle your hair can make or break your hair regimen and literally your hair. Whether you choose to finger detangle or using detangling tools, it is very important to be gentle and patient. The last thing you want to deal with is frizz and breakage and both can happen if your hair isn’t properly detangled.

easy tips for detangling your natural hair
  1. Don’t wait until last minute to detangle your hair.
    Allowing your hair to get dry, tangled, and matted only makes it harder to detangle. Keeping your hair moisturized and detangling when needed reduces breakage and minimizes the amount of time spent detangling.
  2. Make sure your hair is wet.
    Moisture is always best for dry, tangled hair.
  3. Section your hair into small sections.
    By sectioning hair into smaller sections, you can see and get to the tangles in your hair better.
  4. Get a good conditioner with slip.
    Using a conditioner with slip will help with combing through the detangles with little to no damage.
  5. Start at your ends and slowly work your way up.
    The ends are the oldest and most important part of your hair. The ends are also where the most tangles will be.
  6. Be gentle, and be patient!

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