15 Things You Should Stop Spending Money On Today

Getting your finances in order, and saving money both start with assessing the way you spend money. Most of the time, we spend more money than we actually make. It starts with the little things; buying a cheeseburger for lunch, or getting a drink from the soda machine. We never think much about the small purchases, but they definitely add up sending us in the red by the end of the month. Here is a list of small purchases you should stop spending money on now to save more money later.

Things to stop spending money on now to start saving

Expensive coffee: Paying $5 for a coffee at Starbucks everyday for one month equals $155 a month. Multiply that by 12 and it’s $1,860. I can think of over 1,000 other things to use that money for. Buy a $20 coffee machine from Walmart and spend $5 a month on a can of Folgers instead. Your wallet will thank you later.

Cable: We live in a time where you can literally watch anything for free online . . . for free

Manicure/pedicures: You can save over $100 a month by buying a manicure kit and doing your own nails at home.

Gym memberships: There are a ton of at home workouts that you can do for free at home. You can also go for a run around your neighborhood or at the local track at no cost to you.

Eating out: This is one that I still struggle with. You can save so much money just by buying groceries and making your own meals every week.

Bottled water/ soda: Buying sodas and bottled water is definitely unnecessary. A lot of people buy bottled water because they fear drinking water out of the sink. It’s nothing a water filter couldn’t fix.

Disposable plates, cups, and plastic ware: I know we all hate washing dishes after every meal, but

Lottery tickets: You have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than you do winning the lottery. . . I’m just saying.

Expensive cell phone plans: What if I told you that you can have an Iphone (or whatever), and still pay $45 a month for unlimited calls and texts? You don’t have to spend over $100 a month on a phone plan. Most carriers offer a prepaid option.

Unnecessary subscriptions: Magazine, Netflix, Hulu, and Subscription boxes all add up. Try getting rid of the subscriptions you don’t have much use for and go from there.

Name brand foods: Most of the time, you can’t taste the difference between name brand and store brand foods. When grocery shopping, reach for the cheaper option. Every penny counts.

New clothes and shoes: As long as there is nothing wrong with the clothes your currently have, spending money on a brand new wardrobe could do more harm than good if you can’t afford it.

Trips to the hair salon: I saved a bunch of money on visits to the salon by watching Youtube tutorials. Learning how to take care of your own hair not only saves money, but it’ll be better for your hair’s health.

Dry cleaning: Seriously . . . You can wash, dry, and steam your own clothes from home.

Latest electronics: If it’s not broke, don’t upgrade it.

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