Simple Night Routine For Back To School

Can you believe that it’s already time to go back to school here in Alabama? It seems like yesterday, the kids were just getting out for summer break. Now, we have two weeks to prepare for the new school.

My kids ride the bus to and from school, so they have to wake up really early. One would think that waking up early would equate to wanting to go to bed early, but that’s not the case. Bedtime around here is 8pm. That means that our night routine has to be done by 7:30 pm. Here is our very simple night routine for back to school.

Simple back to school routine

4:00- Bus drop off
4:15- Afternoon snack
4:30- Homework time
5:00- Dinner
5:30- 1 hour of screen time
6:30- Shower/bath time
7:00- Time to brush teeth
7:15- Bedtime story, and prayers
7:30- Lights out

I know some of you are wondering why my kids have to be in bed by 7:30, if their bedtime is 8. If you have kids, you know the struggle. It takes a good 20-30 minutes for my girls to settle down before they actually fall asleep. That 30 minute gap gives them time to fight over the tv, use the bathroom, and whatever else that need to do before 8pm.

Routines are not created over night. Last year, it took about two weeks for us to get acclimated to our back to school routine. This year, I know to start the routine at least a week before school. Starting your back to school routine 1- 2 weeks early, gives your kids time to get used to it. It also minimizes resistance once school actually starts. Getting ready for back to school yet? If so, comment down below with your back to school routine.

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