Natural Hair Myths

Being a natural hair blogger, I hear some of the most outrageous things about natural hair care. Not only do you have influencers giving out false info, but you have people who are just misinformed in general spreading misinformation about natural hair care. These days, it’s not uncommon to scroll through Pinterest or Youtube and see “10 ways to grow you hair in five minutes.” The clickbait is real. Here are a few natural hair myths that are definitely not true.

10 Natural Hair Myths Debunked

1.You HAVE to big chop
First of all, you don’t! I know you don’t, because I didn’t. Yes, you will have to get rid of your relaxed ends for you hair to reach it’s full natural potential. Does it mean you have to shave your head Amber Rose style? Absolutely not. If growing your hair out and trimming as you go is your preference, you can do that.

2. Natural hair can’t be colored without being damaged
Everyone’s hair is different, and color damage can happen if done the wrong way. As I sit here with my healthy blazing burgundy wash n go, I can tell you that you can absolutely dye your hair without messing with your curl pattern. The key is to not let your colored ends dry out. Deep condition as needed.

3. It’s too expensive
Youtube vloggers, Instagram models, and hair magazines will have you thinking that you have to buy the $25 curl creme to make your curls pop. Fact is, there are plenty of cheaper hair products that will give you the same results. Eden, Aussie, Cantu, and Shea Moisture are a few companies that offer great products at lower prices. You can also create your own hair products from food products that you already have at home.

4. Men don’t like it
Honey listen, dating a woman with natural hair is like getting two women in one. The versatility is real. Some men do prefer straight hair, and that’s ok. A lot of men don’t necessarily care what you do with your hair. As long as YOU’RE happy with it, the right man will come along.

5. Natural hair is too much work
This is why a hair regimen is important. You can’t neglect your hair throughout the week, and then expect for things to smoothly on wash day. Ironically, most of the people who say that doing their natural hair is too much work sit for HOURS getting their hair braided for sew-ins.

6. You can’t straighten natural hair
So, you definitely can. Like anything, if you do it too much it could cause problems. Having a good heat protectant and deep conditioning routine helps prevent any heat damage.

7. Split ends can be fixed
The only way to fix split ends is by cutting them, PERIOD

8. Natural hair can’t be combed
Natural hair can’t be combed like straight hair, but it can definitely be combed. Because natural hair is kinky and curly, there are certain things you have to learn when it comes to combing your hair. For one, you shouldn’t comb DRY natural hair.

9. Trimming your ends will make your hair grow.
Trimming your ends will make your hair healthier, but it won’t make your hair magically grow 10 inches overnight.

10. You shouldn’t shampoo natural hair.
Product buildup is real, and not shampooing your hair will only make it worse. Switch to a Sulphate free shampoo. They’re are not as harsh as regular shampoos and won’t dry your hair out as much.

I’ve been completely perm free for five years now, and I’ve seen and heard it all when it comes to my hair. I used to believe a lot of what is listed in this blog post, until experience taught me different. Everyone’s hair is different, but at some point we have to use our common sense when it comes to these new fangled techniques and methods. To learn how to keep your natural hair moisturized, click here.


Hi, I’m Chantal. I’m a mom of two, self proclaimed naturalista, and Author of Growing Girls With Curls: Short Stories For Girls of Color. Being a mom is hard. Pair that with being a single, black, millennial in America and it’s a whole different monster. Feel free to join my mailing list and follow along as I blog through this crazy thing called life.

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