How To Keep Your House Clean With Children

Hey mamas! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I promise I’m going to get my life together! Today’s post is from Caitlin @Caitscozycorner. It is a sponsored post for which I’ve received compensation for.

How to keep your house clean

As a parent, it can be really difficult to keep your house clean. Believe me, with two kids running around it can be truly a nightmare. Below, I’ve shared a few different approaches and ways to keep your house as clean as it can possibly be, even with your kids everywhere!

keeping your kitchen clean

  1. Let kids EARN toys back– If (or I should say when) your child refuses to put their things away, simply reply, “That’s so sad. Mom will have to pick up your stuff.” Keep a box of cleaned-up toys elevated in your garage. When your child asks for a specific item, your child will have to do a chore to earn the item back. If the box gets full, take the older items to the nearest donation center!
  2. Establish playtime rules. Teach your children to take out one toy collection at a time. Before they move on to their next playful endeavor they need to put the previous items away. Before our girls went to a Montessori preschool, I would have said, “Yeah, right.” You would be amazed what young children are capable of if you set an expectation and routine
  3. Everything has a place. Kids (and adults) are more likely to keep their space clutter-free if items have designated areas. Our girls have nice wood bins for their toy collections, but we also use things like upcycled shoe boxes for trinkets. Create a simple system using labels, so kids know how to easily fulfill your “put this away” request.
  4. Whatever the vacuum touches goes in the garbage. Tell the kids whatever the vacuum touches either gets sucked up or gets thrown in the  trash. This approach can be playful or a consequence, depending on the day!
  5. Create put-away baskets. Designate and label a bin or basket for each child. As you clean throughout the day, throw items into the basket for your child to put away. It’s easier to carry a basket full of things to their room than it is to carry individual items. Plus, it helps keep your floors clean during the day!
  6. Choose your battles. Being a parent is hard and keeping a clean house is exhausting. Remember to give yourself some credit. Trust me, you are not the only person whose home looks like it was hit by a tornado.
  7. One decent space can save your sanity. Sometimes the chaos of it all can feel overwhelming. Create a safety-zone for yourself, pick one spot that you can control in your home. Then when the chaos of the rest of the house gets to you, head to your safety zone.

clean kitchen   8. Have Them Help With Dusting/Wiping Counters – I’m not sure if your kids love to dust or help wipe down the counters, but my kids love it! I recently purchased countertops from a great company located right here in Atlanta! They actually have several locations in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. The company is Premier Surfaces. Premier Surfaces only allows trained employees to design, and install kitchen countertops. They are background checked and required to have a well-groomed appearance including uniforms. With accountability and ownership, comes systems and results. Premier Surfaces also in houses technology partnerships, allowing customers to be able to view in real-time, a 3d representation of their kitchen, stonework cuts, and the final product. I personally love that feature that they offer!

So what are some helpful tricks and tips that you have to keep your house clean?



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  1. Bonnie
    February 7, 2018 / 5:14 pm

    I love your clean house and your suggestions. You sound like a great mom!

    • Chantal
      February 8, 2018 / 9:20 am

      Thank you for the compliment, but I can’t take credit for this one lol.