How To Have A Successful Virtual School Year.

2020 has definitely been one for the books. Thanks to our pal Covid 1+18, everything has shut down and everyone has lost it. Right now, the safety of our children hangs in the balance as Back to School season is approaching. The choice to send the children back to school or continue with distant learning is an extremely hot topic. Some parents are blessed to be able to enroll their children in virtual school, while others face the possibility of having to send their children back to school. Fortunately for me, our school district decided to defer going back to school for now. We’ll be distant learning until our children can safely return to school. I picked up a few tips and tricks on staying organized the first time schools shut down due to “The Rona.” Staying organized and on top of things really did make the transition to distant learning an easy one.

Tips for having a successful virtual school year

1. Make sure all computers/laptops/tablets are up to date.

It’s so annoying to get your electronic devices up and running and see that “software needs updating” notification. Make sure everything is up to date and ready to go before the first day of school.

2. Create a daily schedule and stick to it.

It’s easy to slack and be lazy when doing school work from home. Creating and sticking to a set schedule everyday will definitely help with productivity.

3. Assign a notebook or folder for each subject.

Giving each subject it’s own notebook or folder is a great way to keep completed assignments organized and in one space.

4. Assign a box or bag specifically for school supplies.

Use a box or bag to store paper, pencils, and any other materials needed to complete daily assignments. Keeping all your supplies in one space helps minimize the amount of time spent looking for them.

5. Write down which day assignments are due.

Assuming that different subjects will be due on different days, writing down which day assignments for each subject is due will save a lot of headache. It will help with prioritizing assignments, and ease some of that back to school anxiety as well.

6. Make your child’s work space as comfortable as possible!

Fun fact, your children are more likely to engage and pay attention if they’re comfortable. Pinterest and Facebook are slammed with cute desk ideas, but your child may feel better sitting on the floor with their laptop. Make sure you create a workspace that is best for your child.

7. Get familiar with all apps and programs before school starts.

Try logging into your children’s school email and school related programs a few days before school starts. Virtual school is new to pretty much everyone, so making sure logins/passwords are correct a head of time can make things a little less stressful.

Dealing with and adapting to life with Covid19 has been beyond stressful, but together we’ll all get through it. Remember to sanitize, wear your mask (or don’t), and continue practicing social distancing.

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