10 Chores Your Kids Can Start Doing Today

My girls have had a chore chart for a little over a year now. It was great at first. They were both so excited about running to the board everyday, and moving the pins from one side to the other. That eventually wore off. I ran out of chores for them to do. I was stuck between wanting to give them more chores, but not wanting to give them too much responsibility (as if that’s a thing).

One day, the girls were at my mom’s house helping her clean. They were cleaning windows, dusting, and folding clothes. Both girls were doing chores that they wouldn’t dare do at home. I had underestimated my kids, and they had taken full advantage of it. I took a mental note of all the chores they did that day, and added them to their chore chart at home.

10 chores your kids can start today

Don’t be like me, Mama. If your kids are big enough to make the mess, they’re big enough to help clean it. Here’s a list of 10 chores that my girls currently do every week.

2.Folding laundry
4.Setting the table
5.Cleaning the bathroom
7.Wipe the mirrors
8.Clean the dinner table
9.Take out the trash
10.Cleaning their bedroom

10 chores your kids can start today

As they get older, their list of chores will grow. For now, this works for us. Are your kids doing chores yet? If so, what chores do they do? To learn how to make your very own chore chart, click here.


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